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Dog Walk

M.A.D. Dog Walks

M.A.D. Agility Equipment Dog Walks

Dog Walks only come in 12′ at this time! 

► Large locking pins for easy set up and strong connection with legs.
► Light weight aluminum frame with rubberized surfaces.
► Slats are molded into the weather resistant fiberglass surface.
► Fully rubberized surface for safety in all conditions

All legs and braces are constructed out of metal.
12 foot dog walks have extra braces on the up and down ramps.

You can now purchase your equipment with a rubber surface or you can purchase the rubber and apply it to your own equipment. 
The 12′ Dog Walk comes in Blue with Yellow contacts at this time! 
12′ DOG WALK COLOR: Blue Only

8' Dog Walks
(Not Available at this time!)
12' Dog Walk
12' Dog Walk (Fiberglass Frame with Aluminum / Sand Surface)$1,000.00Contact Us
12' Dog Walk (Aluminum Frame with Fiberglass/Sand Surface) $1,050.00Contact Us
12' Dog Walk (Aluminum Frame with Fiberglass/Rubber Surface) $1,150.00Contact Us
Dog Walk Replacement Skins
12' Dog Walk Fiberglass Replacement Skins Sand Surface $500.00Contact Us
12' Dog Walk Fiberglass Replacement Skins Rubber Surface $600.00Contact Us
Dog Walk Rubber Slats
Includes 22 slats with glue and screws.
$100.00Contact Us

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