390 Summit Road, Mc Clure, PA 17841

Chute / Flat Barrel

M.A.D. Chutes & Flat Barrel

Chutes are made of a durable Nylon Pack Cloth and are water resistant.
They come in a verity of colors and sizes.

6, 8, 10 12 Foot Chutes & Flat Barrel

M.A.D. Chutes
6' Chute $60.00Contact Us
8' Chute $70.00Contact Us
10' Chute $80.00Contact Us
12' Chute $90.00Contact Us
M.A.D. Flat Barrel
Flat Bottom Barrel $190.00Contact Us

M.A.D. Agility Equipment Barrel
M.A.D. Agility Equipment Barrel Chute

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